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Rules of technical drawing for fashion design: Accuracy

Accuracy: There are five fundamental principles of accuracy in technical drawing for fashion.

  1. True to patternmaking: patternmaking is the foundation of apparel design. Patternmaking defines structure of a garment. Accordingly, proper reflection of patternmaking aspects of a garment is crucial in technical drawing.
  2. True to sewing / construction: as any other form of drafting (or draughting) technical drawing for fashion design must accurately and clearly communicate how garment is to be constructed.
  3. True to graphic design basics: technical drawing for fashion is a form of drafting (or draughting) for fashion design ( fashion industry, apparel industry, apparel design). It is not a form of visual art . However, as any other form of graphic communication, technical drawing is subject for basic graphic design rules and laws. Line, balance, proportions, scale and other graphic design concepts must be implemented properly in technical drawing.
  4. True to anatomy: technical drawing for fashion must proportionally be true to human body.
  5. True to common sense: technical drawing for fashion is all about actual garment. It is not about your vision of a garment. It is about wearable and production-doable apparel item. The best way to avoid mistake in technical drawing is to look on actual garment flatly placed on a desk.
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